Complementing With Accessories

We selection of Men’s socks at Kornblum's, Downtown Owen Sound

Accessories are an important addition that sets you apart. Complete your look with a wide selection of shirts, pocket silks, socks, ties, hats, belts and more. Whether it is for a formal event, meeting, going to work, or just a nice dinner, accessories are one thing that can set your individual tastes apart from everyone else’s. So if you are looking for individuality, what should you consider when it comes to accessories? Here we’ve listed a few men's wear accessories that you may consider to enhance your look whether its conservative or more bold.


Men’s Dress Shirts are available at Kornblum's, Downtown Owen SoundSHIRTS

A quality made no iron dress shirt is the most important accessory to any suit or pant. Update your style with stripes, plaids, solids and checks in a large range of fresh seasonal colours. With a large variety to choose from our quality, elegant cotton shirts are a great enhancement for every new suit you purchase. To accent a less formal arrangement, we have a selecion of dress shirts that can add an understated elegance when paired with dress slacks, casual pants or jeans. We carry an assortment of shirts exclusive to big and tall sizes.


We sell a large selection of Men’s Ties at Kornblum's, Downtown Owen SoundTIES

Make a strong first impression with silk ties that make a statement. Narrower widths and seasonal hues are an important addition to any formal attire. Striped ties in a variety of tones, add a subtle pop of colour to your look while richer hues and fresh patterns give more punch. A strong first impression starts with a tie that makes a statement whether its an addition to business attire or just for a special occasion or event.


Men’s Dress Pants are available in big and tall sizes at Kornblum's, Downtown Owen SoundPANTS

Whether its for the casual dresser or to compliment that sport jacket we carry a large selection of slim and modern fit slacks in cotton, wool & the finer blends. Our quality pants have sleek modern tailoring and stretch cotton comfort. With an appreciation for a finer cut and a better design, our selection can give you a sharper look and a more comfortable feel. We carry an assortment of pants in regular, big and tall sizes.



Men’s Belts are available at Kornblum's, Downtown Owen SoundBELTS

A great belt will not only serve the practical purpose of keeping your pants fitting right, it can also make a real statement. Colour, style and small discreet buckles can add a level of style and sophistication to any outfit. A strong, sturdy belt will last you for many years to come, especially if it’s made with high quality materials, so this can be well worth your investment for any formal or casual pant.



Men’s Big & Tall sizes are available at Kornblum's, Downtown Owen Sound


Whether your needs are in dresswear or just casual we have a large assortment of big and tall sizes available. You will be suprised how good clothes look and feel when they're made just for you. For big & tall clothing in Grey and Bruce we have everything from suits, shirts, pants to jeans. With our selection you’re sure to find something to match your individual style. Feeling good in your clothes is the first step to looking good in them. Kornblum’s stocks sweaters to 4XL tall, jackets to size 54, pants to size 58 and shirts to 23 Tall.